Thursday, December 26, 2013

John 15:10-13 

'I have told you this so my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.' Vs. 11
Jesus tells us that he is our joy. That means happy forever, right? Cause joy and happiness are definitely the same..... I think. 

But they're not the same. 
Happiness is an emotion. It's based on things that you have, circumstances how you like them or people going along with the way you want them. Some things that make me happy are seeing people smile, coffe or tea on a cold day, laughing or enjoying time with people I love. But happiness doesn't last, it isn't forever. 

Joy is something deeper. It's a knowledge that we have of greater things that are to come.  The promise of heaven and everything working out for good. 

Things might not always go our way in life. We might not feel happy, or even that things will get better. But our joy is always there. It is a choice to trust in God and know that he will work things out for us just like he tells us in Romans 8:28. Because after this life, there are things greater than we can imagine waiting for us. Joy is us recognizing God's promise of that and knowing that sometimes all we can do is wait. 

Always. For ever and ever and ever and ever until infinity:)
It's a choice, and sometimes it's very hard because it isn't a feeling that you can have that physical happiness in the moment. 


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