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My name is Moriah and this blog is my story.

It's a little random, but such is life. 

Grace is a common theme here.  If I could sum up the past three years of my life simply, it would be a constant learning process related to grace,  As I learn, I want to do my best to share what I've learned (so others don't learn the hard way).

I hate when humans feel the need to pretend to be perfect plastic.  I spent so much of my life feeling like I had to have all of my crap together.  Guess what?! I make so many mistakes.  If you feel like a mess, you are definitely not the only one.  Life is a mess journey that all of us humans are on.  Let's be broken together.  Let's press on and learn together.

I believe that life isn't possible without the amazing grace of God.  If you hear me mention him, that's why.

Life isn't meant to be lonely, perfect, or plastic.

Let's take the masks off.  You are safe here.

You are not alone.  Sit down and stay awhile.

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