Show off Your Stories

Monday, March 28, 2016

People ask me about my tattoos often.  I have many reasons for each one that I currently have, and for the others that I plan on getting.

Each of the three tattoos that I have tells a piece of my story.  I've struggled a lot throughout my life with being vulnerable with other people.  I love tattoos because they are conversation starters.

I love being able to ask people why they have certain tattoos, and why they picked different designs.  The stories that they share with me are pieces of who they are.  Every time I ask others to share themselves with me I get the chance to connect with a new person.  Tattoos give me a way to start a conversation with people  that I would never have talked to otherwise.

My tattoos allow me to connect with others through my story.  I am thankful for the gift of encouragement that God has given me to share with others.  I have learned on my journey of vulnerability that sharing my story gives me cool opportunities.

These precious times that I have spent with others have shown me grace, and allowed me the chance to tell others the grace that God extends to them.  Because it is hard for me to just offer conversation, my tattoos give me reason to share my story.  And each portion of my story is a precious reminder of what God has done for me.

He is giving me strength and grace to take each day as it comes.  Currently I have the opportunity to be studying counseling.  I am learning things every day that will allow me to help other people.

And I am so excited about it.

I am very grateful that I get to be in a difficult, but very impactful line of work.  Jesus works in and through hurting people.  Pain pushes us closer to the healing that only God can give us.

Steady as they come, mountains remind me of my family and my home.  Not only my solid home and parents, I am also reminded of how steadfast God is no matter how faithless I am.

And God gives us passions to use for Him.  That is what my third tattoo represents.

Don't be afraid to ask people about the stories that their tattoos tell.  Just remember that each tattoo is a story.  Be kind when you ask.  Don't make jokes about their stories.

But ask.  Get to know their stories.  Ask me about my stories.

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