Monday, April 28, 2014

It's a funny thing, ya know?  

It isn't something that you can see, hear or touch. It's the idea that things will get better and they won't always stay the same. And no matter how hard things get, that hope gives you the ability to keep going. 

People try to find hope in so many different things. People, posessions, places, being busy, and so many more!  These are are great in and of themselves, but they're temporary. They don't last. 

People will grow apart, disappoint you, hurt you- maybe you'll even lose them through death. They're human. As much as you love people, they're not perfect and you cannot rest all your hope on them. People are temporary. 

What about possessions?  They too are temporary. You can lose them, break them or even have them stolen. If you rest your hope on the posessions you have or the posessions you would like to have, you'll be disappointed. 

Okay sooooo... Maybe filling your time? If you're always busy, always needed, that'll give you a reason to keep going, right?  Well, for a time it probably will. But it won't always last. Maybe that organization you volunteered for will close, your children grow up, you lose your job, finish school- whatever it is, it won't last. 

So it's all hopeless then? You've pretty much put a damper on everything, Moriah. 

Not quite everything guys:) we can find hope in a personal relationship with God and the promises that he's given us. 

God doesn't need us, but he wants to be a loving relationship with us and wants us to love him. By believing that Jesus took away the punishment for our sins and will forgive us completely if we ask him, we can become a child of God. 

And God promises us so much through that! He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that he has plans to bring us a hope and a future. Things will get better because that's what God loves us and never breaks a promise! 

God is eternal. Unlike all of the temporary things in our world, God will be around forever and we can rely on him!

Isaiah 41:13

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