Saturday, June 5, 2010

Okay, now I wish that I had decided to take spanish in school(I should have followed my sister´s lead).
This afternoon we went up to a community building in a very poor village to do our vbs thing.
They said to plan for about 200 kids, we ended up with about 300 kids!
As they were walking up the very steep hill to the building you could see their joy. They had all met up at the local church to get together ages groups for us. They walked up in lines with their hands on the next child´s shoulders.
I think the most joyful group was the age group that was probably about 6-8 or 9. When the interpretors told them that we had come to play with them they were thrilled!
Then, she told them to go say hola to us and give us a kiss (Peruvians kiss cheeks for greeting).
They bounded up to us, so joyful and thankful to see us.
I spent probably about 2 hours on my knees putting socks andshoes on the children.
Some kids were harder to find shoes for then others.
Well, Iguess I should let someone else use the computer.

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