Sunday, June 6, 2010

We drove across this river to get to the boys home.  Notice the men pushing the car ahead of us out (and yes that is my dad following the car, by the time he took his shoes off he couldn't catch up to the car.)
These are the boys when they were singing.
Hi everyone!
Today we visited 2 homes.
The first one (this morning)  was a christian home that is supported by a church in Oklahoma.
There were boys and girls in this home.
I am in charge of the bible lesson for the teen girls.  We are using the book Hermie a common carterpillar as the main part of it.  The theme is how God can make us a new creation.
I read the story in english and then I have an interpretor who translates it into spanish.  The translator that I had today is wonderful!  She is awesome with the kids and wonderful with the story.
She makes everything so interesting (even though I can´t speak spanish:).
The second home was all boys.
It was a home that has boys that were usually picked up off the street and sent to the home by the court, so they have usually been abused, sometimes by the police.  It is always worse when the boys have been abused by the √°uthorities´.
Oh, these boys were sooooooo sweet!!!!!
After we had done our program, the boys took us all up to their (chapel?) room.  Some of them went up front and thanked us.  I think the sweetest moment was when a 17 year old boy came up to the front and said that his favorite part was when we spoke about God.
That had to have been my favorite part of the day!
Then they sang us some of their worship songs.
Oh, it was a wonderful day!
Thank you for praying!!!!

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