Peru day 3!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This was our lunch. CL below, CH above.

These are 2 of the sweet babies that we met at the single moms home.

This peruvian child had a shirt that had my dad´s favorite football team on it (Washington Redskins) so he had to get a picture.

Hola everybody!
Yesterday was day 3 of our trip.
In the morning we visited a home for single mothers.  We did our story lesson with them and gave them shoes and then we went and saw their beautiful babies!!!!
They were sooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!
Those girls really do love their babies.  They were all so sweet.
Then we had a chance to buy some of their handiwork.
Our group bought a lot of shawls, scarves and jewelry.
Oh and the cooks their made us some peruvian hot chocolate.
That was yummy!
Guess what we had for lunch??????
Yes those are the pictures above.

We had chicken liver and cow heart!!! (luckily they also served delicious french fries and rotessorie chicken)
Then we got to go to an orphanage that has only sibling groups.
They were very excited to see us.
And think about how much American children love candy.  Multiply that buy 10 because they never get it.
That equals to whoever was holding the candy bag (me for the teen girls) was getting trampled.

Please pray for our interns and our translators.  All 4 of our interns are ill and so is one ofour interpretors.
Thank you for keeping us your prayers!

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