Peru Day 4 (Tuesday)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We had such a fun day!
We got to go shopping!
First we got to go to their grocery store.
My daddy bought some junk food and a bunch of other people from our team bought peruvian groceries (coffee, candy, hot chocolate) to take home.
Then we got to go to the market.
Their market is soooooo neat!!!!!!!
The alpaca fur is so soft!
They had little teddy bears and little alpacas made out of the fur.
I didn´t buy any yesterday but I am going to see in they have any in Cusco because they were saying that we could shop there too.
In the afternoon we visited a catholic girls home.
These were the sweetest children yet!  After we did our program with them, they sang us 2 songs.
The first one they said they only sing to people they love.
The second one was about how friends never say goodbye.
After they started singing the 2nd one, our whole group jumped up and joined their group swaying with them as they sang.
After the song was over, I was hugging the girls and my dad (who had gotten to work with the oldest teenage girls yesterday) came over and showed me one that had been the ´ringleader ´  and had been bombarding him with questions about his family the whole time.
He told them that I was his daughter and literally translated, they told him that he was old.
I thought that was funny.
After we got back to the hotel our dinner was delivered.
Pizza Hut!!!!!!
That was the fastest I think I´ve ever eaten any pizza.
Thank you for praying for our interns and our translators.
The interns and the translator that was ill are much better.
That translator and 2 of our interns went out to the home with us yesterday.
They are so thankful that they will be able to go to Cusco still.

Thank you for praying!

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