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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My friend Nicole asked me some questions but up until now, I haven't had time to answer them (sorry Nicole!).
There is a picture of the scenery above, this is what most of the area that surrounds Lima looks like.
It is actually fun speaking through a translator for the story.
It was fun to see how much spanish that I could remember and follow along with where she was.
We were very busy!
We got up at 7am and often times didn't get to dinner until 8pm and then it was 10 or 11pm before we made it into bed.
I loved telling the story to the children!
I loved seeing their smiles as they heard the story of Hermie.
Our hotel room in Lima was what my dad jokingly named the servants quarters.
It was beds and a toilet (and a shower that didn't really work) but that's all we needed, right?
We were in a separate little part of the hotel, not in the main tower.
Where we were there were 3 rooms.
Thankfully we were healthy when we were there!
We were watching 'How to Train your Dragon'.
It is ok that it didn't work on the way there because that gave me time to type the minutes for GenJ.
Luckily the movies worked on the way back and we got to finish the movie.
The ending is really sweet!
The weather was okay.
In Lima it was in the 60s and mostly overcast with a lot of drizzling/misting.
In Cusco it was in the 30s in the evening and the morning and 70s and sunny during the day.
I loved putting the the shoes on the kids!
Some times it was a little frustrating because it was hard to fit their foot or because they didn't like the shoe that fit them but their smiles made everything worth it!
We had a great time, thanks!
If anyone has any questions for us please feel free to post them in a comment!
I will try to answer everyone of them!
Have a great day!

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