Survivor Tree

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I had the privilige of visiting the world trade center memorial in NYC this summer.  While there, I got to see the survivor tree.
This tree has an amazing story!
The survivor tree is part of the memorial and stands as a symbol for those who were hurt and damaged by the attack - all of America.  There were those who lost friends and family members, the immigrants who were discriminated against because of the fear that resulted and the people who just hurt because of the pain of others. 
The tree itself was planted in the 70s in the original World Trade Center plaza.  In the aftermath of 9/11 the tree was found, reduced to a stump, 8 feet tall.
Through TLC the tree is now at 30 feet and stands as a testimony of things that can be rebuilt and restored.
Events may make us feel like we've been knocked over, bruised and we think we can't get back up.  But God is there with his hand outstretched saying, "I know whats best for you.  I can heal you, if you let me."
A simple tree stands as testimony.


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