Does God Like Me?

Monday, April 27, 2015

I read a blog post that really resonated with me. You should click on the link below and read it too. 

What Hanna was sharing is so crucial to the foundation of any relationship, whether with humans or God. Unfortunately, it is also a very hard concept to apply to life. It can feel so easy to believe the lies, and continue in the false beliefs that we are living in. Changing beliefs and thought processes is SO HARD. The false belief that God doesn't like us becomes a building block to our other thoughts and rationalizations. 

If God doesn't like me, I can't like me. If God doesn't like me, and I don't like me, other people certainly won't like me. And it quickly becomes this downward spiral of thoughts. 

Self hate and anxiety about relationships comes because we don't feel secure in who we are. After all, we're convinced that the God of the universe doesn't like us. If our creator only tolerates us because he loves us, what hope do we have of liking ourselves and being in relationships where people like us?  So we are afraid of God giving up on us. We're afraid of the opinions of others. And to top it all off, we are afraid of how we view ourselves. 

"Why am I so fat? I hate my body."

"Why do I get flustered when I have so much to do? I'm incapable of getting it all done."

"Why are my relationships always failures? I can't relate to people."

And so on and so forth. We tell ourselves negative thing after negative thing, not giving ourselves permission to like the good parts of us. 

Guess what?!


He created us to be His precious children and shows us unconditional love, all the while still liking us

If God likes us, we have the permission to believe that we are capable to like ourselves, and believe that others can do the same. 

If this is something you struggle to believe, you aren't the only one. This is one truth that I find very difficult to believe some days. Those days that I can't believe that there is anything in me worth salvaging. Why would God choose to like me?

I don't know the whole answer, but he does. He likes me, and he likes you too!

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