Running Home

Monday, June 15, 2015

When I decided to move two states away from my family for college I didn't think it was that big of a deal.  Eight hours can be driven in a day.  We've driven further than that before, it will be fine.  I spent six weeks away from home one summer.  I don't get homesick.

All of these things I told myself to make the transition seem smoother as I moved on to this new stage of life.

But then there were the days that it was the birthday of a sibling, and I was in another state, or even another country.
And I cried.  Because I was far away and it hurt to see the pictures of everyone together except for me.

And I saw my baby sister and she clung to my family because she didn't know me.

And the people around me went home to their families on the weekends and talked about their comfortable beds, and their goofy families.

And similar instances occurred and I've been reminded the importance of a home base.

Because whenever things get tough, everyone needs a home base.  It could be a physical place, or maybe just a group of people that you know and can rely on.

No one can live life alone. People need other people.

Find your home base.

GO HOME when you need to.

Ask for help.

Don't try to live life alone.

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