Friday, June 19, 2015

For anyone who didn't know, I'm spending my summer as a custodial worker on my college campus. That gives me 40 hours of work for my hands, but maybe not so much for my mind.  While working, I have plenty of time for thinking, and this week I've decided that I want to break my unintentional writing hiatus.

My blog, journaling, letters, and writing poetry are all ways that I express myself, and even learn what I am feeling.  Because of how deeply writing is ingrained in me, it feels so natural to write.  I can't imagine not being able to pull out one of my favorite pens, smooth out a page of paper, and how I feel carry away my pen.

However, for the past couple of months I've felt like this quote fit perfectly.

"I wanted to write down
exactly what I felt
but somehow
the paper stayed empty

and I could not have
described it any better"

I think I'm ready to resume writing.  If I don't go back to writing, my thoughts may explode.

So if your heart desires to read some of my heart, check into this blog every so often.

My thoughts are swirling and my fingers are typing faster than I can keep up with them.

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