More Love Letters

Saturday, June 20, 2015

If you ask me what I've been up to lately, I'll probably answer that I've been busy with work and homework, and then proceed to babble about an organization that I recently heard of.

The organization is More Love Letters and I couldn't possibly be more excited about being involved with an organization!

More Love Letters was started by Hannah Brencher in her search for God, an end to loneliness, and her purpose.  By leaving love letters around New York City, she started a journey that couldn't be reversed.  Hannah agreed to write a love letter to anyone asking her for one and she stuck to her promise- even when it multiplied.

Now there is an organization to make sure that the art of love letters doesn't die.  To send encouragement to those who are hurting.  And to remind us that we aren't the center of the universe.

I am PSYCHED to be starting a Campus Cursive branch at Grace College this fall and can't get enough of encouraging others to write love letters.

Hannah published a book earlier this year, and I can't stop reading it for long enough to write this post......  It's great!  One thing that Hannah mentions in her book is that we are the generation that hasn't known ourselves loved on a page.  We didn't grow up receiving love letters from our crushes and secret admirers, but rather we received texts or IMs or a Facebook message.

There is just something that seems so beautiful and special about receiving a piece of paper that has come alive because of someone's scrawling handwriting.  Because they took 15 minutes out of their day, you are now holding a piece of their love.

And so I want to challenge you to write a love letter.  Maybe send it to someone that you know that needs some love, maybe leave it for a stranger.  Just share your heart, and what encouraging things you would want to hear.

I'd be willing to bet that writing the letter will help you too.

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