Grace for Me

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I struggle to give myself grace.  I am a magnet for self-blame.  If something goes wrong, I immediately think of how I am responsible for what happened.

When I saw this picture on Pinterest, it struck a chord.


How long would it take for me to name myself?  Would I even get to myself before I ran out of things to list?

I have learned so much about grace and self-care the past two years, but I am still on a journey.  If you struggle with having a healthy image of yourself, you aren't alone.

Remember that you were created in God's image.  In order to love others well, we have to be able to have a healthy and loving view of ourselves.

Ephesians 2:10 says that you are God's workmanship.  He created you as his poem, his masterpiece.

God does not make junk.  He doesn't search through the dumpster and pull out random crap. He starts from dust and perfectly designs from the bottom up.

Love yourself by remembering who you were created to be.

By loving yourself you can learn to love others in a beautiful way.

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